Vital Information about Macular Degeneration

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You might have come across a person or a relative who has lost his vision, and this might be as a result of macular degeneration. This is a condition where the central part of your retina gets affected, and it results in visual distortion or complete loss of eye sight. When you are diagnosed with Macular Degeneration condition chances are you might lose the ability to drive, read and even differentiate colors. This condition mostly affects aged persons who are over 60 years old. Medical researchers have not yet come up with the cure for this condition, thus resulting in the condition being incurable.

Who are at risk of becoming a victim of Macular Degeneration?

There are millions of people who have been diagnosed with this condition, and they are living with it since it’s not a killer disease. Though the condition can affect anyone, there are people who are at a higher risk of becoming victims. There are plenty of natural health blogs that discuss natural ways and alternative ways to improve eyesight, but the best way is to take a daily eye vitamin supplement that contains the AREDS 2 formula.

o             Age

This is a common risk factor of macular degeneration. Most of the people who are over 60 years are at high risk of getting the condition. At that age you should make a routine of regular checkups, this will help in detecting the condition at an early stage, and take the necessary precautions. Know more about macular degeneration at

o             Smoking

Smoking is well known for its many adverse side effects. If you are a regular or a passive smoker you are also at risk of becoming a victim of Macular Degeneration. Doctors recommend you reduce or quit smoking since it’s one of the leading causes of Macular Degeneration, and the condition is irreversible. Get more information about age related macular degeneration here!

o             Race

Though the condition can affect anyone regardless of the race, there are some races that have a higher risk of getting Macular Degeneration. Caucasians have a high risk of getting the condition compared to other races such as Africans-American or Latinos.

o             Genetics

This is another crucial thing when it comes to the risk factor. You can get the condition through family history. Macular Degeneration genes are hereditary, and they can be passed from one generation to another. Though the condition is incurable, doctors recommend you should attend to some regular genes test for AMD.

How can you detect Macular Degeneration Condition?

Any medical conditions don’t start over night, and it starts with some symptoms. You have to undergo a thorough an eye exam to detect whether you have age related Macular Degeneration. Some of the exams that doctors should take you through are a visual acuity test, dilated eye exam and optical coherence tomography.

To minimize the risk factor of getting Macular Degeneration, you should avoid smoking, work out regularly with plenty of exercise, eat a healthy balanced diet and monitor and control your blood pressure. You should also be using a macular degeneration vitamin supplement every single day to help slow the progression of this eye disease.


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